Welcome Aboard to SAILOR MIKE'S

 GOSPEL STATION this New Year of 2022      

Many pages to select and read, so scroll down and check them out! There is HOPE because GOD loves YOU! To everyone seeking GOD and to those who have served in America's Armed Forces: Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard you can have forgiveness of sins, Eternal Life and Liberty!

 (Now the LORD is that Spirit and where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty.)

               2 Corinthians 3:17


Sailor Mike's Ship, The U.S.S. Spruance DD-963

Served Aboard 1978-1981. Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Duty, Great Time! It was well worth it! GO NAVY! Sailed with Honor! Named after Admiral Raymond A. Spruance from WW2 Pacific Naval Action. The first one built in the Class. In the picture above I was being congratulated for making E-4, a year later I made E-5.