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 GOSPEL STATION this New Year of 2022      

Many pages to select and read, so scroll down and check them out! There is HOPE because GOD loves YOU! To everyone seeking GOD and to those who have served in America's Armed Forces: Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard you can have forgiveness of sins, Eternal Life and Liberty!

 (Now the LORD is that Spirit and where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Liberty.)

               2 Corinthians 3:17


Good Conduct not Bad Conduct!

(Thou shalt not Kill.) The Old Testament Book of Exodus 20:13

I used the Strong's Concordance to find the meaning of the word kill in the verse above. The word kill here means, especially to a human being, especially to murder. Put to death, kill, slay, slayer, manslayer, murder, murderer.

The word murder is found in other Books of Bible but we will look at Galatians chapter 5 verse 21. If you read Galatians 5:16 through 26 we see that the sinful flesh is just plain wrong and evil against GOD and mankind. Sin destroys people spiritually, mentally and physically. People need a Saviour, HIS name is JESUS.

Those that do live in the sinful flesh and do the things mentioned will not inherit Heaven, the Kingdom of GOD. Man can still be saved if he lives in a sinful lifestyle before GOD if he repents which means to turn away and renounce and ask forgiveness of their sins and live for GOD. Yes, because of sinning we do suffer the awful consequences but JESUS is willing to forgive and save. If you neglect and turn away from the LORD, you will die a death that will bring you to the fires of Hell for eternity. On earth you can and do face punishment for murder in the United States and around the world. Above all people need JESUS. All can be saved for there is a far greater punishment if they die unforgiven in their sins. Yes, we want justice when the crime of murder is committed against humanity and that is only right as GOD says it is sin, disobedience to HIS righteous ways. I presented the word KILL and what it means from Exodus 20:13. In Galatians it means the same, slay-murder. I ask you to read and study for yourself also. Read Revelation 21:8 and there is hope for all as we read the invitation in Revelation 22 :17.